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Over the Curb is a dealer-only trading platform for pre-owned inventory.

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We help dealers track, trade, locate, and sell inventory.

Problem worth solving

Over the Curb is on the dealer's side. We not only make tracking aging inventory easier, we provide a way to trade aging auto inventory with other dealers more organized, feasible, and economical by providing a network to trade freely.

Our solutions

  • Online aging inventory management system
  • Daily in network vehicle information
  • Trading network between member dealers
  • Daily out of network vehicle information Automated, time sensitive, auto pricing

Marketing activities

Over the Curb is an online business at heart. Our market strategy is simple: use member satisfaction as fuel for business growth while inexpensively supplying a much-needed dealer service.

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Available Services

Aging Inventory DMS

Over the Curb will automatically post all current and incoming pre-owned inventory until it is either traded or sold. Real-time graphs keep you informed on exactly how many vehicles are aging and where they are in the process; enabling you to effortlessly monitor, organize, and offer incentives for your vehicles.

Unlimited Dealer Trading of Any Vehicle Type

Save precious time and energy spent at auction. We provide a comprehensive trading network designed to help you quickly get whatever your customer is looking for, and, help you sell whatever is currently on your lot. As a member, you can see the cost and list prices of the participating vehicles in our network. You can send service records or view CARFAX condition reports with the click of a button. Members can promptly negotiate inspection terms, fair purchase prices, and payment preferences, directly with the decision maker. With Over the Curb, you’ll enjoy even faster turn times, mitigated wholesale loses, and save on floor plan interest, every month. We provide these services for one-low monthly cost with no limitation on the amount of trades you can initiate in a given month.

Customer-Facing Pre-Owned Locating

Over the Curb also provides a unique customer-facing view that allows salespeople to browse OvertheCurb.com with their customers while still protecting pertinent information about the displayed vehicle (i.e. cost price, location, Vin#, etc.). The salesperson, and customer, are free to view all of the pictures they would normally see on the sellers site, then decide if the chosen vehicle is right for the customer. After deciding, the manager can then plug in the stock number, see all the pertinent data, and negotiate the viewing and trading terms. With our system, you’ll never have to turn away a customer again! If you can't match a customer to what’s on the lot, OtC allows you to grab a vehicle quickly, discretely, and inexpensively, from another member.

Automatic Data Updates

Over the Curb is a dealer-only trading platform. We leave the customers in your hands. With us, your data is safe and maintenance free. Member inventory data (including prices) stay current through automatic daily updates.

Network Messaging System

We provide a messaging system that ensures prompt communication between dealers. When a trade is initiated, your message will not only go to the decision makers mail box, but their cellphone as well! If there's a dealer in the network you no longer wish to work with, you can block their communications with the click of a button.

Simplified In-Company Trading

Trading vehicles inside your auto group is as easy as clicking a button!